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Software of Excellence is already helping countless dental practices propel their business performance with a best practice approach based on research from over 1,500 practices.

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Results in just 3 months

The Good to Great Challenge has already helped numerous practices across Australia and New Zealand achieve significant results in as little as three months. These practices have the drive and commitment to follow best practice advice given to them by their Challenge Consultant.

What is it?

The Good to Great Challenge is a 12 month programme designed to turn good dental practices into great businesses.

Practices are assigned a dedicated Challenge Consultant who will educate and guide practices on how to implement best practice processes whilst closely monitoring business performance throughout the 12 months.

Who's it for?

The programme is specifically designed for practice owners and managers who are driven to achieve business success.

Practices will also receive exposure of their progress throughout the 12 months on the Good to Great Challenge website.

Why should I join?

  • Learn what KPIs to set to boost performance
  • Receive regular best practice coaching on how to improve your performance
  • Access to market leading technology and resources
  • Reduce workflow inefficiencies from day one of the programme

Turning good practices into great businesses....

There are many factors that make up a good dental practice, but we believe that to become a great business, success falls under two core areas: financial growth and patient satisfaction. The Good to Great Challenge explores each of these areas in detail, and gives you the guidance and support you need to benchmark and improve performance.


Optimising your diary

The ability to effectively utilise surgery time is a key factor in driving revenue and optimising your time in the practice. Learn how to boost chair-time utilisation and make the most out of every working hour.


Maximising hourly rate

Maximising your average hourly rate will boost revenues without any extra time spent in the practice. Learn how to increase hourly earnings and achieve your ideal treatment mix every day.


Patient satisfaction

Attracting new patients whilst keeping the ones you have is the key to long term success. Learn how to effectively promote your services to potential new patients and increase treatment uptake and satisfaction across your existing patient base.

Success stories

From automating the recall process to boosting patient value, read the latest updates from our Challenge Practices as they make their journey from good to great; filtering right down to the most important challenges that you face as a practice.

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